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Pretty Cat is where science meets beauty, and where you can improve your skin and hair.

If the idea of hair and skin products being formulated specifically for YOU sound appealing, then- you have come to the right place!

Pretty Cat creates luxurious personal care products, which nurture, cleanse, and indulge your skin and hair. 

Discover what makes Pretty Cat so different from the crowded skin care market and how our creations can help you!

Pretty Cat is a designer of corrective and preventive skin and hair beauty products.

We use clinically studied levels of multi-active, powerful ingredients, each handpicked and collected from around the world for their scientifically confirmed effectiveness, bioavailability and safety.

Our super-active ingredients working day and night to correct and prevent the signs of aging, with highly bioavailable, non-irritating ingredients for you to look and feel younger.
And, because of our commitment to safety, we took it a step further. Pretty Cat is 100% free of aggravating irritants

and harmful chemicals, leaving you with nothing but high-performance, indulgent hair and skin care.
We create innovative cosmeceutical formulas, which help to postpone the need in invasive treatments.

Our creations are unique, unisex, multi-functional and easy to use.

We are avid about skin and hair and devoted to create products which produce the results. 

We do not put ingredients simply to make a label claim and only use ingredients that are proven to work. 



Pretty Cat is actively supports the sustainable beauty movement and working to decrease carbon footprint and stop the non-biodegradable waste.

Our hair care line created to reduce the water usage and is totally plastic-free, all our liquid creations packed in nature-friendly, biodegradable containers!

Free From 

Pretty Cat products 100% Free From - lab engineered nonsense ingredients with sci-fi anti-ageing super powers, parabens, formaldehydes, petroleum, silicones, SLS, accumulative toxicity chemicals/ GM ingredients, refined oils, bulking agents and fillers, synthetic feel enhancers and artificial colours or fragrances. Our Hair Care Line Is Totally Zero Waste & Plastic-Free !

Never-ever tested on animals! Our products are only tested on humans! 

Our formulations are built in very intensive and precise process involving the careful selection and combination of best, really working, cosmeceutical ingredients.
We use the latest in scientific and natural ingredient technologies in order to achieve the best possible formulas to fit each skin and hair philosophy.


We don't stock products, our creations are built from scratch for you.
All our creations are made in small fresh batches for optimal freshness and effectiveness. 
Every product is created to produce exceptional results without compromising quality and safety.
All formulas are stringently tested to ensure product safety and guarantee efficacy.
You will receive a product/s with careful selection and combination of best no-nonsense ingredients in most advanced delivery system.

Highly concentrated 

Pretty Cat's creations are made with pure raw ingredients at highest concentration to protect nourish and rejuvenate, for healthy, vibrant and youthful skin & hair.

Less is more

We do not believe that fancy packaging does anything to enhance the greatness of beauty care products, fancy does not equal superior.
We let our products to stand out and keep our packaging to a minimum.

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