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Why use shampoo bars and solid conditioner bars?

Traditional shampoos and hair conditioners contain about 85% of water - why buy water in the plastic?

While traditional shampoo & conditioners can be formulated with up to 90 percent of water, our solid shampoo/conditioner have no water, saving an estimated around 1 L of water per bar.

We removed water and plastic bottles in favour of packaging functional ingredients in a bar form.

What is a shampoo bar? It's everything you know and use in liquid shampoo, but in a solid bar form - surfactants, oils, panthenol, proteins - minus the water. (You probably have seen these or tried some, already. Our bars are different in that we actually melt down some ingredients, and we don't use SLS whereas others seem to press theirs together)

Each Pretty Cat bar formulated with about 50%-70% Fair Trade Organic Ingredients, highly concentrated and equal to at least two bottles of the liquid shampoo and hair conditioner. This means on average, every bar saves about 1L of water!

Water shortages are expected to seriously impact 2 billion people by 2025. Only 0.3% of the water on earth is available to use, so why waste it in your hair care products if you are already washing your hair in water?

What’s more - our shampoo and conditioners are made entirely from natural ingredients like cocoa butter, coconut oil and more.(i seem to like the word more:))

Another advantage is that these bars are last much longer than liquid because they’re concentrated. One bar can last as long as 2-3- bottles of its liquid alternative (depending on frequency of use and the lengths of hair).

Solid Shampoo Bars & Conditioners are indispensable for travelling!

They will not leak, creating a disaster in your suitcase, they will greatly reduce your luggage weight and they’re compact and easy to pack!

One more bonus- they will not clutter your bathroom or shower.

Plastic is a huge problem for the environment!

More than 80 percent of recyclable plastic bottles end up in landfills each year. And plastic is not biodegradable, so it takes hundreds of years to decompose!

Plastic waste garbage floats in ocean
Tons of plastic ends up in the ocean, the oceans could contain more plastic than fish by 2050.

Tons of plastic ends up in the ocean, the oceans could contain more plastic than fish by 2050.

Our goal is to reduce, as much as it practically possible the plastic waste and to save the water.

We create hair care products that saves water and, where possible, doesn’t or reduce use of plastics packaging.


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