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Hair Growth Smoothie.

Time for Smoothies!

Today i'd like to share with you Hair Growth Smoothie recipe.

Which Ingredients to Include in a Hair Growth Smoothie?

Here are some of the foods that are great for hair growth smoothies and why they’re such a great choice:

Cucumber is a great vegetable for hair growth, since its a good source of the mineral silica. All of the connection tissues in your body are made from silica and it’s a key component of collagen for the health of your skin, hair and nails.

Avocado is rich in a fatty acid called monounsaturated oleic acid, which is important for healthy hair follicles and helping to prevent brittle hair that breaks easily. It’s also rich in vitamin C and E.

Papaya adds a tropical twist to any smoothie, plus a good boost of hair healthy vitamins C and E.

Spinach is perfect for green smoothies and is packed with nutrients that can protect against hair loss.

Nuts are full of omega 3 fatty acids and also contain B vitamins. Ingredients best avoided when you’re aiming for hair growth, including: Sugary foods can contribute to hair loss, so it’s best not to add them to smoothies; stick to natural sweeteners such as honey - and in the smallest possible quantity you can. Too many omega 6 fatty acids can be detrimental for hair growth so don’t go crazy in adding sunflower seeds to smoothies, for example.

Curcumin (a component of turmeric) is anti inflammatory and helps to prevent the growth of TGF beta 1, which is a big cause of hair loss. As well as being great for hair growth, this smoothie is also an awesome detoxifier!

1 cup kale 1 cup pineapple ½ apple 1 cup milk ½ tsp turmeric ½ tsp honey Optional - ½ tsp ginger for an extra kick Instructions Add everything to your blender and blend until smooth. Enjoy!


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