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Hyaluronic Acid – Phenomenally Versatile Vital Substance!

Skin Moisturiser To Reduce Risk Of Heart Disease.

Many of us may be aware of the benefits of Hyaluronic Acid as an ingredient in skincare but may not be aware of its versatility.

Using Hyaluronic Acid supplements or topical products will help maintain a youthful appearance and tackle many signs of aging

When collagen levels are high, the skin is soft, smooth, and firm. Collagen helps the skin cells renew and repair themselves. Both the levels and quality of collagen affect the skin.

As we age, our body produces of certain types of collagen, and the quality of collagen in the body reduces.

This can lead to:

a loss of elasticity in the skin and other connective tissues

lines, wrinkles, and looseness in the skin

As we get older, changes in collagen structure occur that weaken the bond between the different layers of the skin. This could be why we develop wrinkles and other features associated with aging skin.

The evidence suggests that Hyaluronic Acid helps with soft tissue growth, prompts your body to make more collagen and elastin, keeps your skin moisturized, prevents tightness, boots elasticity, and reduces scarring

Hyaluronic Acid stimulates collagen synthesis, partially restoring dermal matrix components that are lost in photodamaged skin. Hyaluronic Acid can increase skin moisture and improve the quality of life for those with dry skin.

The 2014 study involved female participants applying topical Hyaluronic Acid as a lotion, serum, and cream. The study results demonstrated an increase of skin hydration of up to 96% after 8 weeks of use across the different types.

Hyaluronic Acid helps the skin maintain moisture and helps the tissue regeneration process involved in healing wounds.

One 2016 study suggested that applying Hyaluronic Acid to the skin to heal wounds can help relieve inflammation and regulate tissue repair.

An older found that Hyaluronic Acid can help reduce the roughness of a person’s skin and increase skin elasticity.

Around 50% of the body’s total Hyaluronic Acid is present in the skin. Changes in this amount, possibly due to UV exposure, can lead to the formation of wrinkles.

Hyaluronic Acid can significantly decrease the depth of wrinkles and enhance skin firmness and elasticity.

One 2014 study involved women applying Hyaluronic Acid topically, twice daily, for 8 weeks.

The study reported up to a 40% decrease in the depth of wrinkles and an up to 55% increase in skin firmness and elasticity compared with participants who did not apply the acid.

Hyaluronic Acid can help to improve the symptoms of mild to moderate eczema.

Participants in a 2011 study found that Hyaluronic Acid was more pleasant to use and improved their eczema more than a Ceramide-containing emulsion cream.

How often can we use Hyaluronic Acid will depend on the type.

Typically, we can use skincare products that contain Hyaluronic Acid twice a day, but it is essential to read the instructions as products will vary.

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