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C.E.L.A Tetra-C & Retinol Night Repair Serum
  • C.E.L.A Tetra-C & Retinol Night Repair Serum

    Pretty Cat C.E.L.A Tetra-C Retinol Complex  now with Bakuchiol ! Power of Vitamin-C and Double Retinol without Irritation! Packed with powerful anti-ageing, revolutionary ingredients. Triple action skin firming. Long-lasting moisturisation. Tetra-C Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate (Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate) Promotes collagen production, reduces wrinkles and signs of aging, fights acne, firms sagging skin and much-much more!

    Preservatives, Colourants, Emulsifiers, Fragrance-FREE! 

    Offered in Eco-Responsible, BPA-free biodegradable airless container.

    • WHAT IT IS

      C.E.L.A Tetra-C Retinol Complex Antioxidant Wrinkle Repair Oil Serum now with Bakuchiol. A stable, non-irritating Vitamin-C serum, with double Retinol with -1% Microencapsulated Retinol and  3% Granactive Retinoid - Retinols without the Irritation!

      Preservatives, Colourants, Emulsifiers, Fragrance-FREE! 

      Offered in Eco-Responsible, BPA-free biodegradable airless container.

      C.E.L.A Tetra-C Retinol Complex Antioxidant Wrinkle Repair Oil is true Powerhouse, jam packed with powerful anti-ageing, revolutionary ingredients! Offers light ultra-violet protection, promotes collagen production, reduces wrinkles and signs of aging, fights acne, firms sagging skin and more!

      Unlike ascorbic acid, C.E.L.A Serum will not exfoliate or cause irritation.

      Equally great for Men and Women. C.E.L.A Tetra-C Retinol Complex Antioxidant Wrinkle Repair Oil formulated with a stable, non-irritating oil form of Vitamin C ester a.k.a.Tetra-C (Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate /Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate), with better absorption and much more stability.

      10% Tetra-C Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate (Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate) is a molecule derived from vitamin C and isopalmitic acid. Tetra-C molecules are stable, and pure vitamin C is released inside the skin. Therefore, the effects of Tetra-C are similar to those of vitamin C but without irritation and oxidation. Tetra-C reduces the production of oxidizing agents, which contribute to cell damage after exposure to UV or chemical hazards. This effect is even stronger in Tetra-C than in pure vitamin C. Tetra-C protects against DNA damage and skin darkening caused by UV exposure, promotes collagen synthesis and acts as a hydrating agent in reducing skin roughness.

      Key benefits of Tetra-C:

      Sun damage protection [1] [2] [7] Sun damage repair [2] Antioxidant [1] [6] Moisturizing and hydration [5] Stimulate collagen production [2] Lightening & brightening [1] Treat hyperpigmentation [1]

      Bakuchiol is the first natural alternative to Retinol without having any of the negatives associated with Retinol; Photochemically & hydrolytically stable; Can be used during the day; Multiple comparative studies revealed Bakuchiol to be a true alternative to retinol. Modulates retinoid-binding & metabolizing genes; Significantly improves multiple dermal & dermo-epidermal junction genes/proteins; Collagen I, III & IV stimulator; Provides hydration by up-regulating synthesis of hyaluronic acid & aquaporin 3; Clinically proven to reduce multiple signs of aging - Significant reduction in roughness & dryness; fine lines & wrinkles and improvement in skin tone, elasticity & firmness; radiance and brightness. Bakuchiol is a natural and well-defined material with a purity level of ≥ 90%.

      Non- Irritating, Microencapsulated Retinol

      Free form Retinol efficacy is directly linked to its irritancy - the better it works, the more it will make your skin dry, red and itchy. If you’ve tried retinol, you will know how you have to adapt yourself slowly to retinol, using a tiny amount twice a week until your skin can tolerate it. Encapsulated Retinol is non-irritating as it has been housed in a carrier system to protect its integrity and improve its ability to penetrate into the skin. Once it is on the skin, it divides and conquers by delivering the lipid-loving retinol to exactly the part of the skin where it provides the most benefit to the skin cells. Microencapsulation is a process whereby Retinol is subjected to a process that encapsulates the active molecule within a microscopic capsule or sphere that not only protects the unstable Retinol molecule, it facilitates controlled release delivery and enhanced penetration through the lipid bilayer of the skin. This is the result of the microcapsule structure being constructed of multiple layers of lipid membranes surrounding a solid Retinol containing core that allows for an easier transfer of the Retinol molecule. The microcapsules break when they are applied to the skin so that the Retinol is at its most active when delivered. And due to the lipid nature of the microencapsulation it facilitates a controlled release delivery with better penetration through the barrier lipids of the skin.

      Granactive Retinoid-The Power of Retinol without the Irritation. A novel retinoid is a next-generation anti-aging product, delivering the performance of retinol and retinoid derivatives with significantly lower irritation potential, thus supporting clear, visibly more youthful looking skin with better consumer acceptance. The mechanism of action of the novel retinoid is advanced compared to retinol derivatives. To interact with retinoid receptors, retinol must first be metabolized to more active forms, such as retinaldehyde and retinoic acid using several enzymatic steps. The novel retinoid is unique in that it processes innate retinoic activity, binding directly with retinoid receptors without the need for metabolic breakdown to more biologically active forms. The novel retinoid is dermatol­ogically tested to offer less irritation potential than retinol, providing a gentle, safe and effective anti-aging retinoid.

      Helps renew skin plumpness, elasticity and hydration to provide a radiant and fresh appearance. Moreover, the novel retinoid stimulates skin cell proliferation; restoring thickness to skin that has become thinner over time. These processes help fill in lines and wrinkles to give a youthful appearance, while safeguarding skin from further wrinkle development. 

      The novel retinoid is highly recommended for promoting clear skin when used in conjunction with monographed anti-acne treatments. This cosmetic ingredient promotes cell turnover and renewal, which translates to improved skin clarity and the appearance of a healthier complexion.

      DPHP-  plant-derived, oil-soluble wrinkle-correcting active that moisturizes and smoothes the signs of aging skin. It firms skin by stimulating the contraction of collagen fibers, by protecting the skin fibers from enzymatic lysis or breakdown and scavanges free radicals. Multiple modes of action against skin aging and effectiveness has been proven on volunteers compared to a recognized anti-aging reference product (Vitamin C).

      Wrinkle corrector: the skin is more supple, lifted, remodelled and recovers a more youthful appearance.

      Long-lasting moisturizing Triple action skin firming

      Antioxidant: traps excess free radicals at an early stage

      Photo protection: stimulates contraction of collagen fibers and protects the skin support tissue.

      Skin plumping agent Approved by ECOCERT,3 in vivo tests

      Anti-aging skincare, Moisturizing - restructuring skincare

      Firming body care, Lip plumping.

      SWT-7-won the Silver Award of the Innovation Zone Best Active Ingredient! 

      Stimulates keratinocyte growth factor (KGF) production from adipose-derived stem cells (ADSC), Improve keratinocy

      proliferationImproves epidermis regeneration and thickness.

      SWT-7 resurfaces skin and blurs vertical wrinkles after only 7 days. SWT-7 provides a younger and more peaceful facial expression. Reduces migration of lipstic. SWT-7 helps to improve the look of wrinkled and aged skin. By helping to thicken the epidermis it also strengthens the skin and makes it more resilient for a more defined youthful complexion. It is especially effective around the eyes and mouth, because a thicker, stronger surface skin layer is less likely to reveal vertical wrinkles and dark circles beneath the eyes, thereby reducing under eye dark circles. Reduces roughness and resurfaces skin for a smoother looking complexion Improves skin texture and tone. The clinical trial data show that SWT-7- Increase in keratinocyte growth factor production and regenerative effect. Increase in epidermis thickness. Blurs the appearance of wrinkles after only 7 days with a building effect over time. Reduction in vertical wrinkles and skin texture smoothing effect. At day 7 maximum wrinkle reduction up to -53% (87% positive response after 28 days). At day 7 maximum skin roughness reduction up to -42%. At day 7 maximum wrinkle volume reduction -49%. At day 7 lip contour wrinkles reduced by up to -68% (78% positive response after 28 days).

      Natural Alpha Bisabolol is the major active component of Chamomile. It has long been used in cosmetics for its anti-inflammatory, healing & soothing, and anti-microbial properties it is also acts as natural penetration enhancer.

      Lipoglicyne - oil-soluble form of glycine - essential amino acid. Lipoglicyne is great for acne - because of its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Lipoglicyne can effectively restrain bacteria, it can also control the sebum production and is propitious to prevent and to treat acne. Lipoglicyne can enhance the transport of active ingredients and reduce wrinkles.

      Alpha, Beta,Gamma and Delta Tocopherols - vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant it also helps tighten and firm skin. All working in synergy and are vital in collagen production.

      In the blend of organic oils -

      Organic Passionfruit seed Maracuja oil which is known for its content of Piceatannol, essential fatty acids, and vitamin C. Piceatannol is a potent sirtuin activator. Piceatannol is a stilbene similar to Resveratrol, they share many properties, and piceatannol may be a possible alternative to resveratrol.

      Organic Meadowfoam oil-which contains over 98% long-chain fatty acids, and has higher quality triglyceride levels, moisturizing, ultra-violet protection, reduces wrinkles and signs of aging.

      Organic Baobab oil is very rich in nutrients – contains all three omega fatty acids: omega 3, 6 and 9, as well as containing some rare fatty acids and a host of vitamins. It includes vitamins A, D, E and K, as well as dihydrosterculic acid, malvalic acid, arachidic acid, linoleic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic acid.

      OrganicMoringa Oil- An Age Old Beauty Secret

      In ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt it was used in making perfume and to protect the skin. In Egypt, it was used to make medicinal ointments and salves. A daily skin treatment for wrinkles and sun damage.

      Moringa oil absorbs easily into the skin, improving the appearance and radiance of skin. Contains vitamin A, vitamin C  and vitamin E.

      Dry Skin- softens dry skin and maintains moisture in the skin.

      Treats rough, dry skin conditions like dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis.

      Anti-Aging Properties- rejuvenates dull, tired and aging skin.

      Antioxidants and nutrients help fight free radical.

      Improves the appearance of wrinkles and prevents sagging of facial muscles.

      Plant hormones called cytokinins, help promote cell growth and delay damage and destruction of skin tissues.

      Antiseptic and Anti-Inflammatory Properties. Acne and Dark Spot Prevention.Clears blackheads and pimples. When used regularly helps prevent the reoccurrence of blemishes.

      Helps minimize dark spots from acne and hyperpigmentation.

      Freshly made to order.






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      [10] SWT-7™: Self-Regenerative Stem Cell Technology







      Vitamins C+E+A . Vitamin C Tetra-C  (Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate /Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate). Vitamin E- Gamma and Delta Tocopherols. Lipoglicyne – oil soluble form of glycine - essential amino acid. Bakuchiol. Vitamin- A -Retino-A (Encapsulated) Retinyl Retinoate.Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate. Natural Alpha Bisabolol. SWT-7™, Organic Meadowfoam oil. Phospholipids. Organic Moringa Oil. Organic Baobab Oil. Organic Lecithin. Organic Olive Squalane. Organic Cupuaçu Batter. Organic Passionfruit seed oil.

      Offered in 20ml  Eco-Responsible, BPA-free biodegradable airless container.

      Ingredients and shapes are subject to change at the any time.

      For the most complete and up-to-date list of ingredients, refer to the product packaging.


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